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Security VS Butterfly’s

Security Rules are from the eyes of a child, a beginner you may say into this field.

While obeying Rules everyone it will be safe The Second or millisecond if I may say it is quite important as if the action is happening Even into the day time or night is going to Have definitely a Happy Ending if we do respect the simple rules. This is what we have learned the moments I have spent next to a professional team.

People Special trained living their lives for the job and spending their time working 100% for this Merveilleux profession.

The more you get into this job the more you get to become more workalcolic until YOU become ONE with it .I could see people who dedicated all their LIFE to this transforming (their)self initiating the child to become a man conducting them in LIFE teaching them the VALUE of LIFE to keep hands clean to LOVE THEIR families how to build ONE if they don’t have yet TO RESPECT& PROTECT the others not only the one they LOVE.

Imagine that you will BE trained ALL your LIFE for this JOB , improve yourself continuously have not ONLY a healthy LIFE STYLE but also a HUSH GYM training respecting the rules & train others on your side .

Whenever you want to change something into your LIFE start with BIG things as travelling by PLANE for the 1sttime into your LIFE , having a MEAL with a complete stranger into the RESTAURANT WHERE you go often or maybe you are a connoisseur for the house-restaurant, EVEN more challenging with all his friends.

To change your BLONDY hair and To become DARK Red or to be a fatty teenage and to have the guts to GET A Super Model look in weeks.

A life changing is happening for this PEOPLE as well , while they get initiated for the JOB passing different levels of performances to get there.

Having different levels of training you may become MORE healthy DEVELOP your SECRET skills which you may not discover yet transforming yourself into into a better CITIZEN engage yourself into the mission of your LIFE getting things DONE one by ONE is never TOO LATE to LEARN TO BECOME A BETTER ONE…in this way the HERO for your child , brother, wife or sister even your best friend.

What’s important that you feel comfortable with the JOB see if you fit for it , then make the impossible to REACH the highest LEVEL going to touch the PERFECTION.

You make sure a security person it will ALWAYS be well trained , polite and very well educated, always on having many fields of knowledge.

Looking from outside it may LOOK easy but you must be sure there are tone’s of work behind this easy simple job as it look’s LIKE .

Mostly from my point of view the TEAM is highly important. If you are accepted then is going to be easy if they will reject then you struggle till the point you will give up by yourself or Luckily you will be accepted.

Kindly consider that behind this there are humans behind the wall not machine…is also involved feelings , the life outside office and a lot of experience, from each everyone point of view so you will get the all picture after you pass everything from and to this filter.

What is important that you must keep yourself engaged don’t panic and let yourself contribute to the TEAM values for all times, with your BEST set of self values adding the SPARKLE and make the things to go EASY for the all collective.

Imagine a emergency situation when you got only seconds to protect or take out a person from a building , situation or even worst let’s say a huge event or that time you do have to connect on the TEAM so get set and ready to go no mistake & hesitation allowed just continue on the same path.

Saving people lives it will bring you more JOY&HAPPINESS than anything else no matter if it’s for a child ,man &women a group of people or even a small animal like a kitten consider yourself lucky to add some extra sparkling drops of HAPINESS into someone CUP of LIFE.

The time to drink Champagne and have the DAPHNE leaves on your shoulders is so near keep improve yourself and never but never give up.

Written by Ana-Maria Cucu

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