Albany International School has been founded in London (UK) a decade ago and now is established in Delaware (USA) as a private research institute. 
Albany International School (private research institute) is a legal entity under international law, authorized to operate as Albany International School by the Secretary of State of Delaware, USA, in accordance with Section 108 of the General Corporation Law of Delaware. Repertoire authentication no. 6355279.
Although the Albany International School can operate in the Italian territory, with different conventions with Italian and/or European Universities belonging to the European Union, it is not an Italian/European institution and the titles issued are not equivalent to the Italian/European degree. Certificates cannot be recognized in any way by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), and/or other equivalent Italian institutions.
Albany International School releases regular attestations of frequency to each organized master. 
Albany International School has an online journal, known as "Albany Magazine" that it is open up to those interested in embarking on international journalism.