Specialized educational proposals dedicated to the professional world

The Albany International School with differentiated cadence (quarterly, semester, yearly) offers various professional courses not University Master (Executive Master online) on two major areas; Business Administration and Management Economics covering, for example, the following subjects:


  • Television marketing and television companies law,
  • sports companies and sports associations law,
  • Hospitality management,
  • Philanthropy advisor,
  • Historian o historic estate management museum, cultural heritage management),
  • Law, heraldry, and genealogy,
  • International company law,
  • Marketing and event organization
Leadership & Learning Manager
It is the professional who - based on the training needs of the company - takes care of devising and implementing each one's training plan and the necessary courses to keep up with the times. In addition, it elaborates career paths and conducts assessment talks for internal development for high potential and leaders.