Certificate Of Attendance in the Scientific Committee

Certificate of attendance in the scientific committee - Honoris Causa
Certificate of attendance in the scientific committee, is a honorary certificate which is given by academic institution of Albany International School, to individuals and or firms to recognized excellence and attained in their professional or entrepreneurial activities.
Although the title does not have academic nor professional value, it represents an award of great prestige, bringing recognition to an individual's successful accomplishments. 
This certificate give you the access to Albany International School - Scientific Committee.
Albany International School - Scientific Committee is an institutional body with the scope to produce meetings, books, articles in several kinds, in different of scientific subjects.
This certificate does not grant rights to bear the access of a profession or market but give you a title of excellence in your professional's life, a further credibility in any entrepreneurial field that brings at all the consequent advantages into your business.
This certificate can give you a boost in your career, improve your image, professional credibility and facilitate social contacts.