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MALTA 2019

Maltese, what is the meaning of being Maltese...

Being a Maltese it is, first of all, being BRAVE this is what a Lady and a Colleague teach me …

I make a wish from all my heart to visit and spend my winter holidays on the Island of Malta. You know as they say take care of what you are wishing for it may become true...So, I got the chance to see the Island meet the people, and learn the customs of this place, in a very short time with the wish to may return someday, whenever I will make another wish maybe.

Malta as a place is a tiny Island between classical ITALIAN style and the AFRICAN real power where you can add some Moroccan traditions all come together spiced under the English atmosphere for the One & Only unique style of being A Maltese.

The architecture is full of Symbols and you can discover the secrets only by yourself by sitting and walking on the tiny little streets, especially on a rainy day which is unique ( I still remember my first Maltese rain Rich, Fast, and Strong as the people from the Island, mostly you will get the Sun up and certainly you must prepare yourself for the all-day walking around as you got a lot to visit.

Directly from Malta Airport serving all of all Island, you can get direct guidance a full set with In formations and a quick taxi to get you into the city or you can get a bus at a fair price to continuously enjoy the view. The Maltese people are kind and eager to help with any extra information but you have to prepare yourself to have the adventure of your life here.

The food is amazingly fresh, tasty, and much more reach than Arabic, and has more flavors than the Italian One. Consider yourself in a PARADISE between 3 cultures and continue indulging the flavors of having a Maroccan Breakfast English Fish & Chips on the lunch break and a cozy Italian dinner on the Sunset on the topped up and all served with Maltese secret Spicy flavors.

For Shopping, you can get so many tiny memories with you as much as you can keep for a lifetime. Affordable prices and rare and absolutely small treasures for this traditional place when the Knights of John still sharing their heritage and the Island people still continue manufacturing with their own hand's lovely tasty products such as cheese (especially I tasted and enjoyed the Goat One with so many spices ) Bread called Brioche amazing taste baled into the Owen, the Maltese fresh milk and the Italian Olive Oil also the Fresh Olives you can try them directly on the Pizza called Mateja. Adding the Gozo traditional products come directly as Figs and Gem plus Honey from the Island will give you so much power to continue your day-by-day adventure on the MIRACLE Island called MALTA.

Next to the tiny traditional market made by Maltese people you can enjoy shopping directly in the Mall next to the International brands and also you can find very affordable prices in Sliema district which is very well known as the best place to do that.

MALTA is the 14th most populous European island with a population of 406.000 here you can find so many festivals all year and especially the Christmas time it is really unique.

In fact, the UNESCO site proclaims Valletta as one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.

Valletta from the very first beginning of the most ambitious project the so-called * city built by Gentleman by Gentleman was built as a fortress to defend Christendom and as a cultural masterpiece.

As a Semitic Language, the Maltese is the Only One recognized by the European Union as an Official Language also English is the Second language recognized in Malta. Euro is used as a currency and easily you can find a bank open until 13.00 every weekday and an ATM machine easily on every corner on the streets of this beautiful Island.

As a part of the International UNESCO World Heritage Gozo Island, it will be a very nice destination you can reach by fairy every day from Malta Island, where you can enjoy a fairy trip and many Sports Activities, the delicate and special particularly food made by the people from the Island.

I would LOVE to pay special attention to this marvelous place called CASA ROCCA PICCOLA located in Valletta, where a way of Life Come's to live it is in fact the 16th Century Palace of a Noble Maltese Family, direct address is as follow: 74 Republic Street – Valletta, MALTA, you can find more details on

Often described as a living museum, Casa Rocca Piccola is the only privately owned Palazzo open to the public in Valletta and it is the ancestral home of my family Marquis de Piro, says in a short description of it.

Casa Rocca Piccola has also an Italian Restaurant located in the old kitchen of the Palace called LA GIARA, which is a family-run restaurant with the best Italian tradition of hospitality and good food.

Places I would warmly recommend on the Maltese Island are as follows:

Hotels: Intercontinental Hotel, Grand Harbour Hotel, Holiday Inn Express, The Westin Dragodana Resort

Restaurant : Waterbiscuit, LaVella , Ta”Xbiex , Water Polo Club , Paranga

Coffee Shops: Pascucci, Stella's Coffee, Scoop

Shopping Centre: Baystreet, The POINT located in Sliema Republic Street in Valletta I personally enjoyed too much.

Cinema: Eden Cinemas Embassy Cinemas Valletta

Theater: Manoel,

More places to visit are Birkirkara Graden, The Grand Harbour, Golden Horses Club – Riding, Malta National Aquarium, The Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens, Mediterraneo, Marine Park Malta,

all this includes the Maltese people warm, friendly, fine, and exquisite somehow you can call them Exotique.

Written by Ana Maria Cucu

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