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What Is the meaning of being Beautiful, you should also feel comfortable with yourself, (pretty much) wear nice clothes have the dream job or maybe in order to get there you will be visiting a BEAUTY SALON to follow all procedure of making yourself the beautiful princess of anyone dream about it.

How do you choose the proper place of all it should be maybe a famous place and for that get ready to pay high prices, should be near your house and that might or not be so professional and you may get a good deal or maybe a good friend take you to her Secret spot FOR all the glamorous look.

After choosing you to spot you can go further watch learn how you can become a Beauty Queen or you can get some wrong procedures then is going to take some time until you get back to basics. For example, the eyebrow can change your figure face for good Only made by a professional and by a person who is not having MUCH passion for it only thinking maybe how many appointments do I have today on the list and not enough time to get it done.

So you will be much happy when you get it back on your basic shape all-natural and trust me you will be more than happy.

During my Jeunesse, I have visited some beauty studio and I meet a bunch of professionals recognize yourself plus pretty much Love yourself more after that. It will increase your trust your inner confidence and way of seeing things in general a new HAIR color can boost your behavior way of thinking and a correct MANICURE, a pedicure can be done in minutes and take your headache away.

Either you are getting ready for a PARTY a special event into your LIFE or just a cozy DINNER in two you must visit a Beauty Saloon first.

My advice is that if you have the time& MONEY it is a MUST to follow one beauty class and if you can compress all in ONE it can be amazing first for yourself then you can develop your career and maybe you can enjoy more helping yourself & helping the other ladies to look Fabulous.

There are some beauty tricks none will like to share with you or maybe in time you can ADD some considering that every LADY it is unique and mostly you can get it done by a specialist or just follow the after-work CLASS from a beauty ACADEMY you will ENJOY and learn all the tricks so the work to be done in minutes.

You may improve Everything around you as well the way you are eating make sure it is healthy & as much as you can Natural, inside your OFFICE add some Light keep it clean your Relaxation spot make it the same your Daily Routine will make you feel more comfortable also keep you in a good shape.

Choose your hairstylist, cosmetician, beauty adviser among your friends or relatives if you may have them if not go and discover them in a beauty conference beauty products EXPO or just a visit around the shops you can get some useful samples from the newest Perfume, beauty shower gel or a glowing lipstick.

Beauty Products can take away your headache and make some MAGICAL tricks on you on the SPOT and we all may enjoy them from time TO TIME for NAILS use Ricin Argan Oil your Nails it will grow faster and you may enjoy a stronger ones for a shiny bright FACE you may use before anything in order to clean up Farmec this amazing lotion is having a VERY AFFORDABLE prices also made out of CUCUMBER extremely healthy.

For a strong Beautiful HAIR, you may have Moroccan Oil Kerastase Initialiste Gerovital like products also very important do not forget to cut your hair once in 8-10 weeks to maintain it healthy & ready to grow.

For a strong and relaxing MASSAGE Charm, D’Orient products combine the knowledge of the ancestral Moroccan culture with the fancy coziness of FRENCH beauty rituals.

Always but always APPLY powder before using a RED LIPSTICK so you will get a NATURAL LOOK also it will last more on your LIPS.

Only use a tube of mascara for three months max. Beyond that point it can collect bacteria and lead to eye infection but if your MASCARA it dries up add A couple of drops of saliva solution into the flaky formula to get it back to its smooth consistency.

Every time you will be thinking to apply strong color on your NAILS kindly consider that you must apply a flourishing treatment each and every 2-3 weeks to keep it STRONG and AWAY from crushing.

A very healthy scrub can be realized by yourself in your privacy by few ingredients as HONEY OLIVE OIL sugar must be brown plus few drops of LAVANDER YLANG YLANG or Patchouli oil must avoid if you will be using it for your face but it feels amazing if you will be using for your body ONLY.

First not least you must be very careful choosing your FACE- CREAM it is up to your SKIN type you may choose it by a simple test made in ONE of the Beauty Shops but after a quick study, you may find the solution as you know better than others also you can feel on your own skin so you are the right person to take the right decision.

My dear one’s you must pay attention to the way the Beauty Saloon STUFF is treating others so you may have the unpleasant SURPRISE as my friend had SO SHE become from a super BLONDY with long hair a GREEN hair Mermaids for an Eyebrow tattoo just a simple change of colors can LEAVE devastating traces on your faces bust also can make the correction so a plus advantage it will be ADD on your Figures.

In my opinion, you may or may not have to be Lucky to get these experiences but first of all check by yourself ask a friend to check the saloon website also ask a couple of questions before they will start the procedures first then let them work on you.

Looking Glamorous& to be able to enjoy your special event is just a step away so do all the useful procedures and you may enjoy it in the right way.

Places I will recommend:

For Bucharest: Beauty Academy: Rottaru

Nicole Salon Atelierele ILBAH

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lara Beauty Salon

For Malta For Dubai

Aphrodite One & Only SPA

Affinities Academy Beauty Salon

Written by Ana Maria Cucu

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