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Are you sure of what you wear? The new compelling fashion challenge

All started from a meeting with Stan Kam. I found him in a fashion group and I was

pleasantly impressed by one of his articles on fashion and the new ecological challenges that arise more and more insistently in the minds of those who create fashion and those who are only the ultimate user.

Stan loves fashion and collaborates in this startup that deals with costumize design, e-commerce.

CUSTOMIZED SUSTAINABLE FABRIC TECHNOLOGY AI 4tify is a textile Technology company that helps clothing brands design new sustainable fabrics for their production lines. 4tify can do simple things like making fabrics that are easier to clean and iron, super stretch, quick drying and complex like making efficient fabrics to produce and reduce production costs.

Nothing happens by chance and I thought that I should have deepened and pushed to always find best practices I had the opportunity to confront Stam who told me about his personal experience and great passion to bring a new truly ecological and sustainable fashion.

There is a chain behind and before arriving a garment in your hands it starts from distant countries.

We buy a garment, but we don't know what it is really made of and where the material comes from and how it was dyed.

As far as the environmental respect Bluesign® is a certification system that provides environmental solutions for fashion industries and brands. The goal is to develop a strategic plan to make production more sustainable, on a small or large scale. On the basis of rigorous criteria, tools and services are studied to support companies on their path towards sustainable development.

Bluesign® was born in 1997, in Switzerland, where a common effort was made to develop a textile product with the least possible environmental impact, offering greater safety to workers and consumers.

The main objective is to motivate suppliers, manufacturers, and fashion brands to reduce the environmental footprint of fabrics, with particular attention to the chemicals used. The substances and raw materials applied are verified before their use in a production chain.

This means that suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, fashion brands must undergo rigorous tests to verify compliance with Bluesign® criteria.

This innovative system reduces the environmental impact on the entire textile chain, in fact, with its approach, Input Stream Management provides an efficient solution for fabric manufacturers and fashion brands.

Customer look at sustanaible of cost that cost must be competitive and we must work togheter to give the best cost to the client.

The new challenge is involving brands to convert to Eco, urge people tp buy ecologically to create a sustainable growth: we need commitment, not using chemicals.

Nike is doing some order from Stan’s Company and utilizes organic cotton, is all very fast e now other companies are doing something different, also Adidas is following this trend!

The new garment 4.0 must be cheap. Good, sustainable meeting all the standards.

We must work together, learn from each other and We must do a conscious choice.

The more you buy, the more you poison the Planet so, the new possible solution is buying quality not quantity!

So you must focus on quality not quantity!

it is necessary to make a leap forward and ensure that there is an increase in the critical mass of fashion companies involved that will convert to ethic choice.

To conclude, returning to the concept of quality, I think it is necessary to opt for natural fibers such as linen, silk, cotton, cashmere, quality raw materials which are treated with great skill by our craftsmen and companies, to create unique and elegant garments that are the pride of our made in Italy.

Written by Miss Arianna Geronzi

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