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having regard to the Chancellor Decree which announces a public competition for comparative evaluation to fill the chair of "MARKETING OF HISTORICAL-CULTURAL GOODS"

- considering that this teaching was essential to cover the International Marketing area

it has been noted that this teaching will be included in the "executive master" institutes for the AY 2022-2023 to be carried out in "remote" telematic mode


the procedures and selection criteria for the comparative evaluation of candidates for the following courses and with the relative academic qualifications:

• International Historical Cultural Marketing (Senior Lecturer)

• International Brand & Intelectual property law (Research Assistant)

1 - application (in plain paper and not pre-printed) must be sent electronically to the following email address: no later than February 15, 2022, with an indication of the aforementioned call and of the chosen subject.

2 - a signed CV in English and qualifications/publications relating to the comparative assessment must be attached to the same, also to be sent electronically.

3 - it is a preferential title to have, for any reason whatsoever, collaborated at least for one A.A. free of charge or paid with the institute both as a "subject matter expert" and as a "research assistant".

For these, it will be the Institute itself that will certify their work.

4 - the application must also include a program abstract on the course to be activated with an indication of the texts, topics, projects for seminars-conferences and partnership research

5 - the application must authorize the disclosure of one's CV for privacy purposes as well as the commitment to be available to be a speaker at conferences, including online.

6 - the term of office is three years starting from February 2022: the economic terms will be regulated separately by written agreement.

London, 31 January 2022

on behalf of The Chancellor

(Carol Coleman)

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