The Albany International School (also known as a private research institute) offers courses, master, executive master exclusively in Business Administration, Marketing, Management, International Law, International Economics with media and communications in partnership with public and private research institutes and universities from different countries. As a result of the covid pandemic, the courses are only online.


The Albany International School is a private research institute. Albany International School has been founded in London (UK) a decade ago and now is established in Delaware (USA) as a private research institute. 

Albany International School is for successful professionally and socially adults, despite their professional social and personal commitment to achieving their academic goal. It is an institution for graduates who intend to refine their studies and specialize at an international level. We believe and apply the meritocratic philosophy that rewards the experience by recognizing also the important value of professional experiences and we work with the design, organization of courses in character and not only theoretical but particularly empirical and professionalism.