April 2, 2019



A ( my ) true story ...



We all believe in Something , GOD, FATE, GOOD DEEDS, FAIRYTALES, LUCKY STAR, somehow when we do need the most it is happening what we are wishing for...



Me walking, thinking , about work , what to prepare for dinner , and how to get dressed for tomorrow.

The first time I saw a window, I kept going but something inside me push me back. So I entered , opened the DOOR , with a sense of shyness mixed with curiosity for what I m going to find inside after reading the name written on the door entrance DOINA LEVINTZA.


I found a lady with a warm smile who's immediately accompanied me throughout the gallery and gave me details on each and every exposed price. She have also kindly asked me to write in the guest book on my way out a word to the great DESIGNER.


The experience it is unique set as a exhibition or you can call a showroom you will find yourself in the moment you enter passing to a SANCTUARY from our busy daily life to a world of magic where beauty and art it is all about it.


In fact it is a open Foundation in 2010 in order to support and develop the cultural and International Exchange.


The Gallery it is opened T-S 12.30-18.30 it is located in a central area near the Romanian Government 10 min walking .Main activity it is to sustain continuously creative people to guide their way to success and to a very bright future.



Talent , Personality , Creative Force


Doina Levintza is one of the few Romanian Designers whose work is well known abroad. She liked sculpture, chanted the idea of being a theatrologist and studied architecture eventually she merged all of them becoming a painter and set designer and later on also success in Fashion.


Doina Levintza has never abandoned the idea that every human being is above all a CHARACTER.


She dressed hundreds of characters and created dozen of theater scenes. The Designer for more than 100 Collections , Internationally exposed in : Monaco , France , U.S.A also in Romania highly being distinguished with so many awards for her creative activity.


The Only Designer from East Europe invited to participate in 7 th on Sixth on The Fashion WEEK , held in New York city.

Knight of the Order of Arts and letters offered by the the Minister of Culture of France for outstanding artistic contributions.


On your way visiting our beautiful city Bucharest make time to see this place and don't forget to write in your agenda for a FUTURE EVENT also write a nice comment in the guest book addressed to the great DESIGNER .



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