September 22, 2018

Ex... formerly a very used word, in every part of the world by us women to mention a boyfriend, husband,
partner, lover with which relationship has been concluded more or less peacefully.
Avoiding naming the unmentionable.
But actually what are these ex?
For all there is a single common denominator: they are still a memory that makes us emerge grudge and
disappointment, and even some dormant emotion.
In the end, we are all someone’s exes, and therefore we should resign ourselves to the thought of being disparaged...
As a popular proverb (as a folk proverb), it a better to be badly spoken as along as you talk about it...
Honestly, how many would like to go out with the ex even after so many years pet clarifying unresolved issues?
It is true that all our ex-have something that unites them, also true that we always choose that type of male, that will
inevitably disappoint us, a sort of compulsion on repeat.
But what are these ex really for us??
Leave them parked in the limbo of the indefinite too comfortable!
If they are a former reason there will be ... if a story ha to be successful, we would have gone without it is and buts!
So let’s fale ex, into oblivion these beloved/hated/ formerly let us themes an experience, remembering what is not
poetic f a man and what wrong even moi in relating with the gentleman boys.
And above all, do not be jealous of the current mates/wives/girlfriend because of some mistakes even with the new
flames, while you are happily liberated.
As Marilyn Monroe said: “do not be jealous if you see your ex with the new girl, mum has taught us that the toys used
and good thing t give them too the less fortunate children”.
It’s sarcastic, but now much truth there is!
Sooner or later, if you really manage to throw away situations that no longer deserve to be thought of and that have no
chance of being experienced in other ways, you too will find your way downhill.
Silvia Marchetti

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